Welcome to Cheap Travel Japan! My goal with this site is to provide information which will help people visit Japan and have a great time experiencing all the things that make this such a unique and intriguing country… without spending more than they have to.

I’ve been living in various parts of Japan for the last 14 years. I am fluent in both the language and culture here. Many of my friends in other countries are hesitant to come to Japan because of how expensive it is… although I can’t honestly tell them (and you) that it is a cheap country to visit, I can hopefully provide some useful information which will make a visit to Japan affordable.

If you can come to Japan some day, please do. You will not regret the experience. If you have any questions about Japan, or traveling cheaply in Japan please don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks for visiting Cheap Travel Japan, and thanks for your interest in Japan!

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